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And it's a reminder of just how hard it's gonna be for Caleb to get enough good new songs to record a worthwhile album. There's just no way to do this one a second time and capture the essential emotion and energy that made the first one so special. You slid into the microphone.

Is he trying to get her to credit Ingrid Michaelson? This is a reminder that, for the most part, songwriters don't do songs these days that play to the strengths we know Caleb has. Singer-songwriter Alex Preston was asked by a fan who his biggest influence was. At the halfway mark in the show Jena was in the lead, according to Facebook votes, kostenlos while Alex was in last place.

But we'll find out tomorrow! He couldn't have done it last week and he nails it this week. Do you know any background info about this album? Keith said it was one of his favorite songs. It feels like Caleb has already sung this Aerosmith favorite.

Jena irene single we are one

American Idol

Remember when Phillip Phillips actually got a great first single? They're both confused by the melody here. Has she been over-rehearsing. Nobody had nice things to say about Caleb's song.

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  1. Keith thinks the song is perfect for Jena.
  2. There's no mood to that performance.
  3. Connect your Spotify account to your Last.
  4. For that, we're supposed to ignore that he's an octave lower than Tyler for the rest of the song.

That was beautifully sung. Harry wanted Caleb to have the same focus at the beginning as Caleb always shows at the end. Jennifer said it was hard to top his earlier effort.

All three judges agree that Caleb won the first round, while Harry and J-Lo give the second round to Jena. Note that all three judges had nice things to say about Jena's song. And the judges joked that Alex, who normally bares his ankles, jinxed himself by wearing Doc Martens boots with socks. There's a darkness to Jena.

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Harry said it was sung almost too perfectly. Jennifer showed off her toned legs in a mini skirt as the judges walked out. Ryan then showed off footage of crew member Sandy rocking out to Caleb. Caleb is wearing a lot of fringe. The powerful performance saw Keith Urban dancing along in his seat.

Connect to Spotify Dismiss. The female fan favourite showed off a rockier side as the girls went crazy for him. And even the normally impassive Harry Connick Jr cracked a smile as she got a standing ovation. Add artwork View all artwork. You just spackled right over it.

Jena Irene - We Are One - Official Single

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Harry thought the song sounded just as good as in the studio. Bend it like the Beckhams! How could so many senior officers be so gullible?

The American Idol judge tipped Jena Irene on Wednesday to win the show after another stunning performance from the year-old contestant. Related Tags pop american idol soul dance american Add tags View all tags. So it's now a tie going into the last round with two singles that have been available on iTunes, but that I've avoided listening to.

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Jena is wearing gold stretchy pants. If Caleb has a good single, that was an easily beatable performance, through no fault of Jena's. Don't we already know how Jena sounds doing Florence and the Machine.

Changing the pulsing backing melody to a steel-drum and let the magic happen? But the wishy-washy performance left the judges unimpressed. Thought you were having a bad day?

It puts Jena's voice in one place and doesn't give it anywhere else to go. Then on the chorus, Caleb does his thing, though he's mostly reminding me of how remarkable Steven Tyler's high voice is. Round One comfortably goes to Caleb. She's not Goth, but she's a wee bit moody. Did he he take away from the punch by trying to show off?

  • On Wednesday, over two hours, we'll be treated to guest stars and group performances until we want to tear our collective hair out.
  • Maybe that's what I was hearing.
  • As with Jena's single, Caleb's single is pablum elevated slightly by a talented vocalist.

It's not a knockdown, but it's a clean round. The year-old said it was Jeff Buckley, or Jason Mraz. The show ended with Jessica taking on Dolly Parton classic, Jolene, adding a rocky twist to the hit.

Former American Idol standout Jena Irene Asciutto releases new single

Meatloaf-alike Caleb Johnson was in his element as he did the Black Crowes hit Sting Me on his birthday - even though he appeared to tumble halfway through. May's last handbag moment? Finale night isn't the time to take big risks, is it? And then they realized that they were competing and blah blah blah.

But Jena will face stiff competition from rocker Caleb Johnson - who also wowed the judges with his first song. Keith calls Jena a trailblazer and a pioneer and says that she influenced somebody else? Keith is keeping it casual, but Harry is also wearing a tuxedo. And he even got a pat on the head from a backing singer as he dropped to his knees at the end.

This is not the way this show should have ended. Keith scores the second round a tie. What Jena can't do here is surprise us. By the end of the show, Caleb had rocked to first place in Facebook votes - in the home of country, Tennessee.

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Alex was still in last position. We like watching both Jena and Caleb wail, but we also like it when they're changing things up. And it doesn't give her any time to breathe. It's what we were waiting for.

Jena won the night barely for me. He and Harry jokingly talked over Jennifer, pushing her out of the way after Harry interrupted her. Ryan Seacrest is tuxed up for our first night at the Nokia Theatre.

It certainly isn't harmful to hear him do it. Keith praised his high notes and told him to tap into his anger. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading.

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