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The Colt Single-Action Army Rides Again

Revolvers can be had in traditional blue with color case hardened frame, nickel plated steel, stainless steel, and a low sheen powder coat finish. Related GunDigest Articles. Kansas Historical Quarterly.

The first Colt Single Action Army prototypes were manufactured in. Colt's record lists several Single Actions chambered for the. Revolving carbines were not popular in the American West, certainly not in the lever action era although they did achieve some popularity in Australia. Army and, therefore, for any peace officer or civilian who could afford one.

There are also several different El Patron models from Uberti. The Bisley model is a replica of the Colt Bisley that earned itself a good reputation and popularity with Victorian era target shooters. Both companies make superb replicas that are much more affordable than the real Colt.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By interest had waned again and Colt decided to cease further manufacture. It can be identified by the U. Henry Nettleton was the U.

Single Action Army

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Colt Single Action Army
  • Still others get giddy over the gorgeous Python.
  • The Old and New Models are made in.
  • This is the fixed sight model.

The Schofield was soon retired and sold to the civilian market. Many of these engraved pieces were adorned with stocks made of ivory or pearl, will er nur flirten oder with engraving and inlays as well. While working at Colt he came up with the idea of a bored-through cylinder that could be loaded from the breech. Colt was reportedly more concerned with marketing its revolvers than improving them. Colt's Manufacturing Company.

Revolving carbines were not greatly popular in the United States but were not uncommon in places like Australia. The Complete Blackpowder Handbook. The shooting public would have no such nonsense regarding a favorite, though. The Cimarron Wyatt Earp Buntline wears a inch barrel.

The 1873 Colt Single-Action Army Rides Again
Single Action Army Colt Store Canada

Loading this way ensures the hammer will always be on an empty chamber and should prevent the user from looking at the front of the cylinder with the barrel pointed at his head to see bullet noses. Bisley models sold in the United States were normally purchased for self defense use as the grip angle and low hammer are good for rapid shooting. With its stainless steel construction and sooty black finish this might be a good revolver for black powder cartridge aficionados.

Colt Single Action Army Uberti Replicas

The Frisco combines a color case hardened frame with charcoal blue trigger guard, barrel and cylinder. The Colt revolvers would accept the shorter round but not vice versa. It has been argued that having a Engraved Colt not done by the factory diminishes the value of the Colt Revolver. The picture above is of the Buntline in target sight version whilst the picture below is of the Revolver Carbine with fixed sights.

Colt manufactured of these revolvers with a frame which was flat on top and fitted with an adjustable leaf rear sight. Colt has cancelled its production twice, but brought it back due to popular demand. This is a good time to point out that many of these replicas are built with better, more modern steels than the original Colts. Whether used to protect and defend, an ersatz hammer to pound fence staples or as a movie star, the Colt Single Action Army has delivered every time.

American Rifleman

It has been the tool of cavalrymen, cowboys, lawmen and outlaws. It is sometimes referred to as the Colt. Colt submitted the revolver to the army for testing, but it was rejected. Normal procedure is load one, skip a cylinder, and then load the remaining four. The Hombre has a brass trigger guard, hassan shruti and matte finished stainless steel frame and barrel.

Bisbee Territory of Arizona. My first Uberti is called the Cattleman. The Cattleman Nickel comes chambered in. The hammer when fully lowered rests within the frame. The Chisholm is a stainless steel revolver with a matte finish.

Up until the base pin latch was retained by a screw. Picture courtesy truewestmagazine. Colt employed a number of highly skilled engravers, many of whom were highly trained artisans who emigrated from Europe.

Random House Value Publishing. University of Oklahoma Press. Ed McGivern dispelled the myth of the inaccuracy of this procedure by shooting tight groups while fanning the revolver. The Buntline comes in both fixed sight and target models. That made perfect sense until television renewed the interest in cowboys and rugged frontiersmen ways of life.

Colt Single Action Army - Uberti Replicas - Revivaler

Colt manufactured of these revolvers with a frame that was flat on top and fitted with an adjustable leaf rear sight. Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company. The Callahan target has adjustable target sights.

The Bisley may mark a movement to a more civilized West. Even for those who can, those guns are most often stored and not shot due to their value. Calibers, at least thirty in all, ranged from.

Colt Single Action Army

  1. From until Colt marketed a Single Action revolver in the.
  2. The hammers on second-generation revolvers are blued with polished white sides.
  3. New and old model ejector rods.
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